25.03.2020: UNTRR solicită Ambasadei Republicii Turcia în România să ia măsuri urgente pentru a permite și facilita transportul de materiale medicale, echipamente și produse alimentare în Turcia

Nr. 564/25.03.2020

 Turkish Embassy in Bucharest

Mrs. Füsun Aramaz – Ambassador

 Ref.: request for urgent measures to allow and facilitate the transport of medical supplies, equipment and food at the Turkey’s borders

 Dear Ambassador,

 We are highly concerned that Republic of Turkey, an important economic partner for the EU and for Romania, has blocked border-crossing to freight traffic.

According to the information available from Turkey, professional drivers from listed countries have to prove that they took 14 days quarantine before they are allowed to enter Turkey. In case a driver from an unlisted country brings goods from a listed one or has transited such country, the quarantine measure also applies. In the same time, many road hauliers do also complain that they are not allowed to enter Turkey, even their drivers have 14 days quarantine at the border.

Considering these alarming measures undertaken by Turkey, may we recall that road transport has a vital role for EU and Eurasian region, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The production and distribution of almost every good on our region is dependent, at some point, on services provided by road transport operators.

May we also signalize that it becomes a humanitarian problem – for those who are waiting for masks, disinfectants and gloves produced in Turkey. But it also becomes a serious humanitarian problem for our drivers, to be put in quarantine for 14 days at the border gate prior entering Turkey. Professional drivers cannot survive 14 days in the cabins of the truck at the border without food, water and access to facilities – bathroom, shower, etc. It is inhuman to ask drivers to stay 14 days in the truck at the borders. At this moment, there are tens of thousands of trucks at the Turkish border.

UNTRR has recently released on Youtube a film with the alarming situation at the border between Turkey and Bulgaria, in the context of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: https://youtu.be/cwINd5b0Ij8

While acknowledging the necessity to control the health of professional drivers, such as temperature control or filling in traceability forms, we ask the Turkish authorities to undertake further measures only in the case of professional drivers with symptoms, not for all the other professional drivers, as blocking the transit of trucks will have immediate, catastrophic and irremediable effects on our economies, exceeding any possible impact of COVID-19.

In this context, we ask the Turkish Embassy in Bucharest to urge Turkish Government to undertake urgent measures in order to allow and facilitate transport of medical supplies, equipment and food at Turkey’s borders. It is crucial to maintain the functioning of road transport sector and to facilitate the movement of trucks between EU and Turkey, for supplying essential goods to our citizens and economies, such as food and medical items.

Expressing our trust in Your support, we would like to thank You and assure You of our highest consideration.


Yours sincerely,

Secretary General


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